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Graduate Financial Aid


We are very excited that you are joining us for the summer 2022 entering class!

In the coming weeks, you will be receiving additional emails from various university departments letting you know what needs to be completed prior to beginning graduate school.

For students interested in federal financial aid, you will want to complete the FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov) for the upcoming school year and list Quinnipiac as a recipient.  Our school code is 001402.  You will use your federal tax information to complete this form.  

You will also need to complete the Quinnipiac Graduate Financial Aid Application for the upcoming school year. Please click here to navigate to the QU Grad financial aid website. You can find the application via the QU Website

The deadline to complete all applicable forms is still to be determined. If you have any questions, you should reach out to financial aid directly.

For students interested in institutional funds, you will want to complete the Need Access application (www.needaccess.org) and list Quinnipiac Graduate School as the recipient.  You will be using your federal tax information and if under 28 and not married, you will need to provide parental information.  More information, including a step by step is available at www.quinnipiac.edu/gradfinaid